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Tummy Tuck in Decatur, TX

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers tummy tuck surgeries to residents of Decatur, TX. Do you have a few areas of residual fat that you want to eliminate? If so, and you’ve found that diet and exercise are not working, then you should consider getting a tummy tuck. Tummy tucks can also help tighten the abdominal muscles after a pregnancy or a large weight loss. Call our office today to set up your appointment.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

Dr. Lavine will start by examining your stomach to determine your surgery needs. Tummy tucks can range from tightening only the abdominal muscles to tightening the abdominals plus the upper thighs. Depending on your size, your activity level, and the muscle tone in your tummy, Dr. Lavine will determine which type of tummy tuck is best for you. Once you are in surgery, your abdominal muscles will be tightened, and any extra fat will be removed via liposuction. After your surgery, you can expect to wake up with minimal discomfort, but you should be able to resume normal activities after only two weeks.

Residents of Decatur, TX, and other nearby cities can contact The Center for Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about the tummy tuck procedure.


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