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Meet Dr. David Lavine, Plastic Surgeon in Fort Worth, TX

Plastic Surgeon in Fort Worth, TXDr. Lavine feels that an informed patient helps with the consultation process, and what you might have gleamed through the internet.  He will give his expert opinion and get you on the right track.  Sometimes those choices will involve no surgery at all.  Realistic expectation, of course, are a very important part of the initial consultation.  If a second consultation is required, there is of course no charge.  This is all part of the informed consent process.

Welcome To The Center For Cosmetic Surgery.  Dr. Lavine is the founder and director of the center founded over three decades ago in Fort Worth.  During that time, Dr. Lavine’s practice experienced and incorporated a great change in improvements that have become part of this ever growing medical specialty.

Dr. Lavine fell in love with plastic surgery age of 13, when his father a renowned ophthalmologist would take him on medical rounds with him on the weekends.  It was the day he met a plastic surgeon and learned what he did, that Dr. Lavine knew what he wanted to do for his life’s work.  His formal education started in Annapolis, Maryland at the Severn School, a prep School for the United States Naval Academy.  From there, he attended Duke University for his undergraduate degree and then to the University Of Virginia Medical School.  His training has taken him all over the United States and the world including Dallas, Houston, The Shriners Burn Institute in Boston Massachusetts, Akron Ohio, Jerusalem Israel, and London England.

Dr. Lavine now specializes in cosmetic surgery.  He is co-founder of the Fort Worth Facial Malformation Clinic and volunteers part of his time for tattoo removal of young women who are trying to better their lives and rid themselves of tattoos they no longer want.  Dr. Lavine also started the first medical skin care clinic in Fort Worth.  The clinic is still an important part of his practice. While the co-founder and co-chairman at the Fort Worth Facial Malformation Clinic located at the world renowned Cooks Children Medical Center, Dr. Lavine wrote a children’s book about a boy with a strange but whimsical condition. This children’s book was inspired by the young patients he treated at the clinic and the many obstacles they and their parents had to face.

More recently, Dr. Lavine has been honored by the American Society Of Plastic Surgery for his proposal and development of The Icon Project. The purpose of the project is to film icons in plastic surgery who paved the way to our present specialty.  Some of these gentlemen are in their mid 90’s or older.

For over 20 years, The Center has maintained its commitment to offer the newest and most advanced selection of treatments available.  We have taken progressive approach to the specialty of plastic surgery, constantly researching new methods as they become available while we strive to provide sound medical advice.  We welcome you explore these possibilities with us.