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Breast Reduction in Fort Worth, TX

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers breast reduction surgery to residents of Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding communities in Texas.

What Is Breast Reduction?

Breast Reduction in Fort Worth, TXWomen with disproportionately large breasts often suffer from back and neck pain, poor posture, skeletal deformities, breathing problems, and trouble finding well-fitting clothing. Breast reduction surgery can relieve these challenges while retaining a balanced bust line that compliments the overall body shape. Our patients are satisfied with the greater comfort and convenience they enjoy in their new life without overly large breasts.

How Is a Breast Reduction Performed?

During this procedure, a discreet anchor-shaped incision on the underside of the breast allows Dr. Lavine to remove excess skin and breast tissue from strategic locations and reposition the nipple and areola to create a more youthful appearance. The outcome of this surgery is more modest breasts that look attractive and remain proportional with the rest of the body, without creating a burden. In turn, this reduces medical problems while boosting self-image.

Breast Reduction Case 1

What Can I Expect During Recovery from a Breast Reduction?

For the first few days, you will wear a surgical bra or elastic bandage, and you may need surgical drainage tubes.  After this period, the surgical bra must remain for a few more weeks. Two weeks after surgery, the stitches will be removed. Most patients can return to work in roughly two weeks but should avoid heavy lifting for a few weeks. Over the next few months, some patients notice swelling during menstruation, mild discomfort, limited sensitivity or numbness, or shooting pains that come and go at random; these signs of recovery should gradually fade over time, leaving you with balanced, proportional breasts.

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers experienced and skilled cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery services to residents and visitors in Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding communities in Texas. By focusing on each client’s unique concerns and needs, Dr. Lavine and his staff provide personalized care with state-of-the-art technology for optimal health, aesthetics, and patient satisfaction. To receive more information or schedule a consultation, call 817-953-6267 to speak with our friendly staff.