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Breast Augmentation in Keller, TX

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers breast augmentation to residents of Keller, TX. Breast augmentation, also called an augmentation mammaplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that increases the size of the breasts. In certain instances, some women notice that one breast is significantly smaller than the other. Some women may wish to increase the breast size to achieve a more proportional body profile, while other women may simply wish to restore the previous fullness of breasts that have reduced in size due to pregnancy or weight loss. Breast augmentation is an effective option for these situations.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Before your breast augmentation surgery, you will come to The Center for Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation with Dr. Lavine. During this consultation, he will ask you questions regarding your expectations from the surgery; will examine the size and shape of your breasts, your skin texture, and position of your areola; and will discuss implant material of choice and other necessary factors. The outcome of this examination enables him to determine the best technique to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Residents of Keller, TX, and other nearby cities can contact The Center for Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about breast augmentation procedures.


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